Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Versions of Old Designs

Laura and I finished this photoshoot right before I went on vacation in May so I never managed to post a blog about the photos!

We ended up taking photos at Laura's parents' house and then in front of an abandoned and burned building right around the corner. I love how the photos look in black and white.

This is the newest version of my lace-up leggings that I have been selling for years.

These leggings are also available in brown leopard, red leopard, and zebra print. I can't wait to get pictures of them in the other colors! This style is a new version of the leopard and metal leggings I sold last year that were made of mesh leopard fabric instead of faux fur fabric.

New basic purple leopard leggings (not handmade)

New stretch shorts with ruffled trim. I will probably try to get better pictures of these before I put them up on my website. If you want to order them right now, send an email to annie@derangeddesigns.com. ($20, available in the same sizes as the other Stretch Lace Shorts)

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