Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New stuff for Sale. New horrible/wonderful drinks to try.

Just added four new items to my website, and new pictures of two older items. I'm still struggling to cut/sew my way through the massive amount of old shirts I have, to explain the random "Zombie Zoo" and Marilyn Monroe tops. The stuff I added today is one of a kind, but tomorrow I'll be working on patterns for XS to XL summer tops and skirts. Which means that by the end of July I'll have more clothes up for sale that you can buy even if you aren't a size negative 1, like my model, Laura. Just kidding, she's healthy. And she'd probably hate me for joking about it. Sorry, Laura!

Speaking of healthy, in my tradition of consuming horrible/amazing drink concoctions while I update my website on my porch, I have managed to successfully combine green tea with alcohol. Ok, its actually Diet Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale. Mixed with Carlo Rossi chardonnay white wine. The sweetness of the aspartame-overloaded carbonated "tea" bullshit goes perfectly with the bitterness of the brand of wine that will never get me drunk because I can't drink it fast enough. Making an awesome, totally un-hardcore champagne tasting drink. The reason I have this weird soda shit is because somebody (I think Danny Secretion) left 2 giant cases of what appears to be Grocery Outlet reject soda cans in our basement for the show on Saturday, and he said its all ours to keep. Now I just need another jug of shit wine, and July will be great! I should bring it all to whatever 4th of July thing I end up going to, in case I run into anybody who doesn't already know I'm crazy.

New stuff:
Zombie Zoo top, small, $28
Red Leopard halter top, XSmall, $19
Zebra Marilyn top, Xsmall, $20
Cupcake skirt, medium, $39

New pics of old stuff:
Striped mesh zipper tank, small, on sale for $19
Vinyl lace-up leggings, small medium or large, $33

We did this photoshoot under the Watt Avenue bridge near the river. Coolest spot I could think of on a hot day. Used to be one of my many drinking spots in high school. I think the entire Arden neighborhood actually counts as an old drinking spot, nevermind.

Website link:

Friday, June 25, 2010

FREE FABRIC REMNANTS at my yard sale tomorrow!

No, I haven't finally gone over the edge due to this shitty week-long SUMMER COLD, I just went through all my extra fabric yesterday and found a lot of stuff that I can just give away for free. (Though I might still be at risk for insanity, the cold has moved into my ears and I've been dealing with weird pressure/hearing loss crap for the past three days. POP, EARS, POP! AHHHHHH!)

If nobody wants the fabric its going in the garbage after the sale tomorrow. Its not garbage worthy fabric, its stuff that I could find a use for, but I just have so much of it that I'd rather not spend the entire summer figuring out ways to use it. I want to start fresh. Get rid of all the stuff that I've been saving for years.

So, I have about three boxes worth of free fabric remnants and three boxes worth of fabric I'm selling for 50 cents to a dollar.

Scroll down to the last blog post to see more details on the yard sale.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yard Sale / BBQ / Show this Saturday!

Saturday is gonna be busy!

I'm having a yard sale in the morning from 10am to 3pm ish. I'll have tons of stuff for sale in front of my house, on 21st street between P and Q in midtown Sacramento.


Help Annie get rid of the Deranged Designs merch that is taking over her room!

Clothing- many items for $5, $10, $15, $20
Sewing machines- used Juki 5-thread serger and used Janome coverstitch, $250 each
Fabric remnants- huge variety, $1 and up
Fishnet tights and printed leggings $4
Punk rock patches $1.50
Back Patches $5
Guitar Straps $10
Plaid and studded plaid belts $10
Bondage belts $20
Men’s Stretch Jeans $30
New band shirt corset tops $25
Hair dye $7
And much more! Discounts if you buy a lot!

Sale takes place in front of my house but you can go inside to try clothing on if needed.

After the yard sale, we're having a BBQ in my backyard. Bring your own beer and food. Safeway is 2 blocks away. Then a show at 7pm. Secretions, Bastards of Young, 9:00 News, Snot-Cocks, A Fistful of Freaks. Bring some $ to donate to bands.

If you want to look through the stuff I have to sell but can't make it till later in the afternoon, I can probably let you in the house. OR if you can't make it at all that day, I let people come to the house and buy shit if you make an appointment.

This is the only flyer I could find. How cute!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Stuff! Tops, dresses, and a skirt

I've been super lazy about updating my website and adding all the new clothes I've been making. When the spring semester ended I took a 3 week break and barely got any website or sewing work done. I did re-organize my sewing room though!

These photos were taken at the photo shoot at my school in the beginning of May. The photographers didn't say anything about how to credit them so I don't have any contact info. Thanks to Aubrey for modeling. The last picture was taken at the goth photo shoot last month, thanks to Tim Engle and Lynne Ashcroft photography for that shoot.

Red Pleated gingham dress, medium, $50

Pink gingham halter top, medium, $35

Pink gingham skirt, small, $40

Striped kimono sleeve dress, medium, $45

Pink gingham tunic, large, $40

Plaid corset dress, medium, $45 (new picture, not new dress)

You can see more info at http://store.derangeddesigns.com/

Now I'm off to go post an ad on Craiglist for new roommates for this house. We need two people for July, super cheap rent in midtown Sacramento. Six bedroom old victorian punk house. Contact me if you want the privilege of being either my 17th or 18th roommate. We have high turnover here... (annie@derangeddesigns.com)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday June 26th at Casa de Chaos

Just posted this on facebook as "saturday may 26th" jesus christ where has my brain gone? What month is this?

Now that my mind is completely scrambled, there's a BBQ/show at my house on JUNE 26th, Secretions tour fundraiser.

I'm planning a yard sale/clothing discount day from 10am till the BBQ starts in the afternoon. Anybody want to join me with art/crafts/music/other crap you want to sell?

Reply back to this or call or text or whatever the fuck. I'm off to get a lobotomy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sellout Buyout this weekend!

Saturday: I'll be at Bows and Arrows from 3-10pm selling clothes, at the Sellout Buyout indie designer trunk show.

I'll have at least 60 things up for sale on my clothing rack, help me make room for more stuff!

Bows and Arrows is at 1712 L Street. Its 2nd Saturday so there will be tons of shit going on in the area.

Night before that: Jello Biafra is playing at Shire Road. No idea what kind of music that crazy motherfucker has been making lately but it should be very entertaining. All the other bands are awesome too. Still got one spot left in my car if anybody wants a ride.

Then back to Saturday: If I'm not too exhausted after Sellout Buyout, I'll try to catch the rest of the show at 16th street cafe. Hmmm, any of my friends want to sit on my porch at 10:15 waiting for me with a vodka red bull? If not, I might just pass out on my bed. Carrying a clothing rack plus a bazillion pounds of clothes up three flights of stairs is not fun.