Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New stuff for Sale. New horrible/wonderful drinks to try.

Just added four new items to my website, and new pictures of two older items. I'm still struggling to cut/sew my way through the massive amount of old shirts I have, to explain the random "Zombie Zoo" and Marilyn Monroe tops. The stuff I added today is one of a kind, but tomorrow I'll be working on patterns for XS to XL summer tops and skirts. Which means that by the end of July I'll have more clothes up for sale that you can buy even if you aren't a size negative 1, like my model, Laura. Just kidding, she's healthy. And she'd probably hate me for joking about it. Sorry, Laura!

Speaking of healthy, in my tradition of consuming horrible/amazing drink concoctions while I update my website on my porch, I have managed to successfully combine green tea with alcohol. Ok, its actually Diet Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale. Mixed with Carlo Rossi chardonnay white wine. The sweetness of the aspartame-overloaded carbonated "tea" bullshit goes perfectly with the bitterness of the brand of wine that will never get me drunk because I can't drink it fast enough. Making an awesome, totally un-hardcore champagne tasting drink. The reason I have this weird soda shit is because somebody (I think Danny Secretion) left 2 giant cases of what appears to be Grocery Outlet reject soda cans in our basement for the show on Saturday, and he said its all ours to keep. Now I just need another jug of shit wine, and July will be great! I should bring it all to whatever 4th of July thing I end up going to, in case I run into anybody who doesn't already know I'm crazy.

New stuff:
Zombie Zoo top, small, $28
Red Leopard halter top, XSmall, $19
Zebra Marilyn top, Xsmall, $20
Cupcake skirt, medium, $39

New pics of old stuff:
Striped mesh zipper tank, small, on sale for $19
Vinyl lace-up leggings, small medium or large, $33

We did this photoshoot under the Watt Avenue bridge near the river. Coolest spot I could think of on a hot day. Used to be one of my many drinking spots in high school. I think the entire Arden neighborhood actually counts as an old drinking spot, nevermind.

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