Thursday, July 8, 2010

eBay Clearance Sale! Samples and Fabric

Yes, I'm STILL trying to get rid of old inventory! My yard sale/Craigslist ad put a nice dent in the huge fabric stash that I don't need but there's still a lot more that needs to go.

Right now I've got 2 lots of fabric up on eBay, a faux fur lot and a vinyl/pvc lot. I originally planned to put a lot more into 99 cent auctions but I realized that the fabric pieces are too small for me to take the time to measure and take pictures of and write descriptions about and all that shit. But obviously they are not too small for me to find some reason to keep them. ARRRGH! Hey Sacramento-ans, if you like to sew, I'm still trying to give shit away!

Funny story: I was throwing out some old thrift store clothes today and my fellow pack-rat roommate Reggie told me to stop so he could go through it all. He is now the proud owner of a bright green plaid women's vest. With a nice silver zipper, black velvet collar and a flounce ruffle in back. Its hilarious. No picture, but if you know him, just imagine him doing an Irish jig at the top of the porch stairs while wearing something ridiculous. (If you've ever hung out with him, that image should come to you with no effort) I think he's gonna wear it to band practice tonight, to try to get somebody to tell him that it looks good.

Part of my sample sale is also up on eBay auctions. $8 clothes! $9 clothes! $12 clothes! Bid on it, so eBay doesn't take away my top-rated-powerseller status when my sales go down because nobody buys animal print hoodies in July! (Someday I'll make something that sells year round. Someday.)



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