Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oakland Rooftop Photoshoot

I drove to Oakland last Sunday to do a photoshoot with Qiana and Laura. There was no way I was going to make Laura model new jackets in the 95 degree Sacramento heat.

I didn't have any locations in mind, and Laura and Qiana couldn't think of anywhere that had easy parking access or lack of people. So after wasting gas and driving pointlessly around Oakland for half an hour, we went back to Laura's apartment and just climbed up to her roof to do the pictures.

The new pictures turned out great! I love the view from her apartment. We could see the sun setting over San Francisco along with the Golden Gate Bridge. I'll only make you look at two of the sunset pictures I took:



The next pictures are of all the new items that I just added to the Deranged Designs website. There are four new jackets (made by the brand Carmin) plus a couple pairs of leggings and some striped sweaters. All but the plaid leggings are available in sizes small, medium, and large. You can find them on the front page under the New/Featured items section:

Two-piece separating jacket: unzip the zipper at the waist to turn it into a shrug and a skirt! $60




Faux leather biker jacket with grommet and lacing details, $75



Striped sweater, $28


Lined faux fur leopard jacket, $65



Military-style shrug with brass-colored buttons in front and on the sleeve cuffs, $28



Striped sweater dress, $28


Plaid leggings, $9.50


Vinyl-look leggings are back in stock for $9.50! This picture was taken back in January 2010, when I first started selling the leggings.

After we were finished with the photoshoot, Laura and I went to a restaurant that sold delicious deep-dish pizza and giant beers. Perfect ending to an exhausting day.

Ok that's a lie, after that I had to drive an hour and a half back to Sacramento. I hate that drive.

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