Friday, September 9, 2011

$2.50 Flat Rate Shipping for all USA, Canada Orders

I'm testing out new shipping rates this month. All U.S. and Canada orders will have a flat rate of $2.50 shipping on their orders. People in other countries will have mostly the same shipping rates as before, but I am reducing the rates for larger orders. International orders will have a maximum $14 shipping rate, no matter how many items you put in your shopping cart. To see the detailed international rate table, go to the Ordering Info page on my website.

If these new shipping rates work out well, I will not be changing them back to the original rates. I will be raising prices on some of the heavier items that I sell to make up for the low flat rate (for example, hoodies and hair dye) but my goal is for total order prices to remain about the same as they were before the change. I'm doing this because it is frustrating to shop online and be surprised at a high shipping rate when you are ready to check-out. It can be expensive to ship items that weigh over a pound ($9 to $10 now!) so I am including part of the average shipping price in the individual item prices.

I also plan to offer more shipping options soon. I will probably add Express Mail for USA orders and Global Priority mail for international orders. My current shipping options are pretty arbitrary and confusing. The only reason they are the way they are is because I first made my website in 2007 and I kind of threw everything together all at once and ignored shipping options until now. (Excuses, excuses, I know, it's been four years and I should have started fixing this ages ago!)

I've spent an embarrassingly long time trying to figure out how to offer flat rate shipping on EVERYTHING without overcharging customers or undercutting myself, so I'll shut up about this soon. If this system works well, you probably won't hear any more about it. Except, of course, when oil prices go up again and the post office raises their prices again and global trade becomes too expensive and we are all forced to start growing our own cotton and making our own clothes with vintage treadle sewing machines and our economy reverts back to pre-industrial revolution times and we can no longer wear stretch fabrics with spandex because IT HAS OIL IN IT TOO and no really, I'll shut up now. I'm typing this up several days before I make the actual website changes and it's getting late here.

Besides, we all know the zombies will take over before our oil supply runs out!

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