Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Ordering Deadlines

I'm super busy! So much sewing ahhhhhhhhh! My website promises that handmade to order items will be sewn and shipped within 10 days, and so far I am barely keeping up with that timeline. It would be awesome to get a little ahead and ship them out within 9 days but that probably won't happen. Here are the deadlines for orders that need Christmas delivery:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Update

I'm in the middle of my crazy busy season so I don't have very much time to come up with new designs. However, I have enough clothing patterns made that I can sew new versions of current designs without getting too behind on orders! In between sewing orders and doing photo shoots I will be planning my spring/summer 2014 line. Until then, here are the current newest designs:

Half-Corset Back Hoodie, 6 animal prints available, Small to 3XL

Mesh Grommet Skirt, XS to 2XL

Black/Red Metallic Striped Waist Belt and Black/Leopard Striped Waist Belt, XS to 3XL, Custom sizes also available. Leopard striped belt is available in six colors:

3 different faux fur scarves, only $10 each!

White/Black Cheetah Scarf

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Ordering Deadlines

Last week I created a temporary section in my website for Halloween items. It includes brand new items made specifically for Halloween as well as a couple sale items that might be useful for a costume. Check it out here:

If you live in the US and you need any of these items for your Halloween costume, please pay attention to these deadlines:

To receive your order by Friday, October 25th, place your order by the end of the day on Monday, October 14th.

To receive your order by Wednesday, October 30th, place your order by the end of the day on Monday, October 21st. 

IMPORTANT: to ensure that you get your order on time, make sure to leave a note when you checkout about which day the order needs to be delivered by. Otherwise I might treat it as a regular order and it might not be shipped out in time.

ALSO IMPORTANT: if you are ordering the Harley Quinn Leggings or Metallic Leggings, I will need to know your waist and hip measurement before I sew your order. A couple people have ordered the wrong sizes for these items and I want to minimize returns and exchanges. (Waist is the smallest part of your torso and hip is the largest part of your butt)

If you have any questions, send an email to

Here is a list of all the brand new Halloween items with links to my website: 

Frankenstein Corset Belt, Size Medium (can be altered to a different size)

Groovie Ghoulies Tank Top, Size Small (zebra and striped fabric in back)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First of Fall, Halloween Collection

All of the hard work I spent sewing and making new clothing patterns this summer has finally paid off, and I have tons of new clothes to add to the website! This is what I have managed to add so far:

Harley Quinn Dress, sizes XS to XL, $75 ( if your size isn't listed, custom sizing is available for all new items!)

Harley Quinn Leggings, XS to 3XL, $32

Black Metallic Leggings, XS to 3XL, $30

Red Metallic Leggings, XS to 3XL, $30

More Halloween items will be up for sale soon!

Men's Leopard Sleeve Hoodie (3 colors available) S to 3XL, $72

New photos of some of the old hoodie styles: (all are S to 3XL, $72)

New Tops/Dresses

Studded Strap Tunic, XS to XL, $40

I've actually been selling this top for ages but I finally got a new photo for it! Thanks to the photographer Patrick Studios and the model Tamica Michelle.

That's it for now. I have another 250 photos of new items to go through so more new items will be posted soon!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 Update

How is it already August? My slow season went by so fast! If this year is anything like last year then the next 8 months will be insanely busy for me.

Here is what's going on right now in the world of Deranged Designs:

1. Facebook Giveaways! I have started holding contests for free items on my Facebook page. Right now I am giving away a leopard print guitar strap in any color you want. Go to my website's Giveaway page for more details. The current contest ends on August 4th.

2. Sample Sales: I have a lot of leftover inventory from photo shoots and customer exchanges. Sample sale prices are usually $10 to $30 off the original price. I have 15 sample sale hoodies and 6 other random handmade items listed right now. I still have more to add to the sale sections so check back frequently if you want the best deals.

3. New Women's Clothing Categories: some of the original categories were getting a little crowded so I added a couple new ones: Animal Print Hoodies, Jackets & Sweaters, and Fishnet & Mesh Tops.

4. Coming soon for fall: HALLOWEEN! Ok I don't have much planned for Halloween but I have never bothered making costumes before so I am excited to get started. Laura and I are planning some type of spooky Halloween photo shoot with our photographer friend Qiana.

Also coming soon: more styles of corset hoodies, men's hoodies, and tank tops. My style of selling and designing clothing is to make whatever I want, see if it sells, and if it is popular make similar items. I realized that the men's hoodies and the corset hoodies have been very popular so there will be a couple new styles and colors available soon! I still have a lot of new patterns to finish cutting out so I don't want to get specific about any other new designs. So much to do!

Preview of some new Halloween & Hoodie fabrics: (from the Deranged Designs Instagram account)

And this is what I mean when I mention cutting out patterns... I have so many left to finish!

Photo Shoot with Natalie

You may have seen a new model on my website lately. My friend Natalie and I took some photos several weeks ago at my favorite photo shoot location, the Sacramento City Cemetery.

I love how they turned out, especially in black and white.

Natalie is on Model Mayhem and she also recently opened up an Etsy shop with some cute vintage clothes.

New stuff: (prices and availability are subject to change)

New Mesh Grommet Tank Top, handmade XS to XL, $40

High-Waisted Lined Checkered Skirt, handmade XS to 2XL, $45

And lastly: Split Leg Striped Leggings, handmade XS to 3XL, $26