Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First of Fall, Halloween Collection

All of the hard work I spent sewing and making new clothing patterns this summer has finally paid off, and I have tons of new clothes to add to the website! This is what I have managed to add so far:

Harley Quinn Dress, sizes XS to XL, $75 ( if your size isn't listed, custom sizing is available for all new items!)

Harley Quinn Leggings, XS to 3XL, $32

Black Metallic Leggings, XS to 3XL, $30

Red Metallic Leggings, XS to 3XL, $30

More Halloween items will be up for sale soon!

Men's Leopard Sleeve Hoodie (3 colors available) S to 3XL, $72

New photos of some of the old hoodie styles: (all are S to 3XL, $72)

New Tops/Dresses

Studded Strap Tunic, XS to XL, $40

I've actually been selling this top for ages but I finally got a new photo for it! Thanks to the photographer Patrick Studios and the model Tamica Michelle.

That's it for now. I have another 250 photos of new items to go through so more new items will be posted soon!

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