Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 Update

How is it already August? My slow season went by so fast! If this year is anything like last year then the next 8 months will be insanely busy for me.

Here is what's going on right now in the world of Deranged Designs:

1. Facebook Giveaways! I have started holding contests for free items on my Facebook page. Right now I am giving away a leopard print guitar strap in any color you want. Go to my website's Giveaway page for more details. The current contest ends on August 4th.

2. Sample Sales: I have a lot of leftover inventory from photo shoots and customer exchanges. Sample sale prices are usually $10 to $30 off the original price. I have 15 sample sale hoodies and 6 other random handmade items listed right now. I still have more to add to the sale sections so check back frequently if you want the best deals.

3. New Women's Clothing Categories: some of the original categories were getting a little crowded so I added a couple new ones: Animal Print Hoodies, Jackets & Sweaters, and Fishnet & Mesh Tops.

4. Coming soon for fall: HALLOWEEN! Ok I don't have much planned for Halloween but I have never bothered making costumes before so I am excited to get started. Laura and I are planning some type of spooky Halloween photo shoot with our photographer friend Qiana.

Also coming soon: more styles of corset hoodies, men's hoodies, and tank tops. My style of selling and designing clothing is to make whatever I want, see if it sells, and if it is popular make similar items. I realized that the men's hoodies and the corset hoodies have been very popular so there will be a couple new styles and colors available soon! I still have a lot of new patterns to finish cutting out so I don't want to get specific about any other new designs. So much to do!

Preview of some new Halloween & Hoodie fabrics: (from the Deranged Designs Instagram account)

And this is what I mean when I mention cutting out patterns... I have so many left to finish!

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