Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Santa Cruz Photo Shoot

I went to Santa Cruz last weekend to visit Laura and I brought a couple new one-of-a-kind items with me for a photo shoot.

We took the pictures in a cemetery- what a surprise! The first top is a size xsmall/small and is $40. I made it out of some awesome fabric that I bought at Mood in New York a while ago. I was on a tight budget for the trip and the fabric was $18 a yard but I just had to buy it! (If you are interested you can read about my trip here: NYC Fashion Industry Trip Part 1) The corset top is worn over a short-sleeved fishnet shirt, which is included in the price.

Click here to see item details for the corset top


I decided to make a matching dress with the rest of the fabric I had left over. This dress is a size medium and is $60. I'm really happy about how this dress turned out. I originally cut the black fabric part to be much longer, but then I realized that the dress would look super cute as a fitted pencil skirt dress. When I make one-of-a-kind items I rarely ever sketch or plan things out. I just cut out a few pieces of fabric as a base and then add on to it when inspiration hits. This type of sewing takes a while but it's a lot of fun.

Click here to see item details for the Red Plaid Ribbon Dress


I also took some random pictures of the rest of the trip. Me and my boyfriend David got into Santa Cruz on Saturday afternoon for Laura's backyard birthday party. The party included a keg AND a bounce house. Somehow that did not end in a disaster, even though there were definitely about 10 drunk people in there at one time.

We went out to some hipster bars later- holy shit those drinks were expensive.

And then Saturn Cafe- delicious vegetarian and vegan junk food!

And then the beach and the boardwalk on Sunday- we didn't really have time for any of the rides so we just walked around.

I want to go back already, dammit.

Santa Cruz 9

Cemetery where we took the photo shoot

Santa Cruz 8

Some kids were having an Easter egg hunt when we got there. I didn't notice there was an Easter egg on this tombstone until I looked through my camera lens.

Santa Cruz 1

David and I on the beach. That's totally not beer in my coffee mug, by the way.

Santa Cruz 2

Outside of the Boardwalk. I wanted to go on the wooden roller coaster on the left but the line would have taken too long. I'm pretty sure that it's the first roller coaster I ever went on when I was a kid.

Santa Cruz 3

Laura carefully walking across the train bridge that was in the Lost Boys movie.

Santa Cruz 4

Path to nowhere!

Santa Cruz 5

Another beach view.

Santa Cruz 6

Cute beach, but it was pretty cold by the time we got there. The sun deserted us.

Santa Cruz 7

Another view of the bridge. It had several no trespassing signs but nobody gave a fuck.

That's it for now! Laura is moving to San Jose in a few weeks so I might have to do a photo shoot there soon. Someday we will have taken pictures in every cemetery in Northern California!

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