Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Update

I added a couple new items to my website last week:

One of a kind Godzilla Mesh Tunic, medium, $40


Faux Fur Shrug, S, M, L, $28

A couple new things were added to the DIY/Sewing section:

Satin D-Ring Tape, 1" wide, $2.25 per yard
1" Metal D-Rings, 10 for $1.50

Plus black and white lingerie elastic is back in stock:
Black lingerie elastic, 75 cents a yard
White lingerie elastic, 75 cents a yard

34013a 34015a

I'm also almost ready to add the new version of my animal print hoodies to my store. The new version has a better quality and fit. First I'll add the women's regular hoodies and corset hoodies to my store, then the new men's version will be up a week or two later.


My friends Laura and Maria modeled two of the new hoodie samples a couple weeks ago. The photo shoot location was in front of an abandoned factory in midtown Sacramento that seems to be a pretty popular photography spot. Two other groups of photographers and models showed up when we were there! I will take pictures of the rest of the hoodie samples soon.
A couple of my friends also passed by when we were taking pictures. Yes, I'm friends with oogles. Thanks to Garrick and Jim for looking fucking hilarious in this photo.


And lastly, I've added a bunch of new things to the sale section. All the long-sleeved items I added last fall are now at a discounted price. I'm also discounting the pink cheetah and black and white leopard print handmade hoodies. Those prints don't sell as well as the others so once I run out of those fabrics I will buy some new animal print colors.
25% off Sale Section
50% off Sale Section 
Pink Cheetah Hoodie 11024aORIGINAL 

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