Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sacramento Stuff #3

Sacramento Stuff is a series of posts where I talk about how awesome my friends are and post flyers for upcoming shows. Here we go!

Amy from Bang Your Head Clothing had a party at my house last Friday to celebrate her reaching 1000 fans on Etsy. Now she's up to over 1200...damn! She brought us a shitload of pizza, beer, cake, and liquor. It was pretty awesome. She's always adding her stuff to her Etsy shop and I would recommend checking it out.

My friend Qiana just opened up her own Etsy shop. You might remember her from some Deranged Designs photo shoots last year. She's a photographer and jewelry maker and her new shop is called Allegory.

Here's one of her new earring designs:

Allegory Etsy Shop

She has also taken the pictures for my Polka-dot Photo Shoot, Oakland Rooftop Photo Shoot, and Oakland Cemetery Photo Shoot.

Here are flyers for the next three shows coming up at Casa de Chaos:
(send an email to if you want to see a show here and need the address)

Another crazy Paul Imagine flyer (hahaha) for June 2nd:

June 10th:

June 30th: (this flyer was done by Tom Working. That's exactly what our house looks like, minus our white picket fence, of course!) 12.06.30show

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