Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oakland Cemetery Photoshoot

I'm pretty tired right now, so bear with me and don't be surprised if my stories are even sillier than usual.

Last weekend I drove to the Bay Area to hang out with some friends and do a photo shoot with Laura and Qiana. Since Qiana had brought her own camera, I was able to be lazy and wander around the cemetery and take random pictures with my friend Brandon.


The first pictures were taken inside this pyramid! I love how crazy cemeteries are. The weirdest thing I've seen is a life-sized statue of a couple reading in bed in a cemetery in France. Yes, the first thing my family did on our trip to France back in 2002 was go to a cemetery. (Another funny memory from that trip: my mom forced us to all wear khakis every day because she didn't want anybody to think we were Americans. Because only Americans wear blue jeans, you know!)


New clothes! I altered a pink lace top and paired it with a fishnet shirt. In the picture it's a tube top, but I added spaghetti straps after the photoshoot. The leggings are made by Folter clothing and available in size small to x-large. The are purple and black striped, with shiny black leopard spots. I want to keep a pair for myself, dammit!


I also wish I could wear those shoes, but they are 5 inch heels and I'm already too damn tall.


Links to new items:

Black fishnet shirt (One size, xsmall/small) - $14
Pink lace tie-back top (small, price includes fishnet shirt) - $24
Shiny leopard leggings (small to xlarge) - $26

More randomness:



Not entirely sure what Brandon was trying to do there.

After taking pictures at the pyramid, we walked over to the entrance to Middle Earth. (Or perhaps Narnia? Maybe Hogwarts? We couldn't decide.)




I added strips of black vinyl fabric and a big Ramones graphic to this long black coat. That's the last of all the striped Ramones shirts that I bought a while ago.

41018b 41018c

Ramones jacket, size small, $75

The last pictures we took were under a pretty pink tree. Springtime has come early in northern California. Let's hope summer doesn't follow suit, I really don't want to be running my AC in April this year.


New belts! These leopard waist belts are available in four colors. They have over-sized buckles and a big elastic strap.

33002c 33002b


More stuff I want to keep for myself, of course.

Leopard belts, fit size small to large (26-32" waist), $12 or 2 for $18



I love Laura's hair in this picture. The earrings are pretty cool too. Qiana makes metal jewelry. One of these days we'll plan a shoot with more of her jewelry.


Cemeteries can be so beautiful.

In other news, I finally got this month's Vogue in the mail, and look who stole my old hairstyle! Lady fucking Gaga! I don't care for her music, but I love keeping up with her crazy outfits.

ladygagastolemyhair! a130

Also, last week some of my roommates and neighbors were in our local newspaper. Some Sacramento Bee reporter thought it would be a great idea to get a picture of them drinking on their porch roof. Guess they needed to fill up some space in their Saturday issue. We're still laughing.


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