Friday, January 28, 2011

Shows in February/March

This new year has somehow brought back my excitement over going to local shows. I don't know what was wrong with me last year, maybe I was just burned out (on life?) but I felt like I was turning into an old apathetic asshole that only listens to bands from their teenage years and refuses to see anything new.

I'm glad that's over now!

Oh, but I still don't like going to shows where I can't drink. If you're gonna expect me to stand up straight and ruin my hearing for four hours, you better let me drink some goddamn alcohol!

Anyways, tonight I'll be getting a ride up to Orangevale for this show...


I really hope that that is an actual picture of the Shanty. I wouldn't be surprised, after all, it is in Orangevale, which might as well be called the Armpit of Citrus Heights.

And in the next couple months...


I hear from Facebook that one of the bands is buying a keg for this show. I have a feeling that my liver will never forgive me after this night. Either that or my basement will experience The Great Beer Flood of 2011.

If I'm not too hungover the next day...


Clayton, a good friend of several of my friends, suffered from a stroke several weeks ago. This show is a benefit for his medical bills. I've never actually been to the Hub (again, I was super lazy last year) so that gives me another reason to try to make it to this show.


The Shitty Ramones? Hahahaha...


And another benefit. My friend Rich was robbed on Thanksgiving. Help him buy his shit back. The Haz-Mat is a great place for shows, I did a photoshoot there with some friends about a year ago: Oakland Photo Shoot 2010

Now the next show will also be a benefit, for my alcoholism, of course:


Just kidding, I'm not an alcoholic. I just pretend to be one on weekends.

I also made some new flyers for my website! I hope Cassie and Laura don't mind that I used their photos. If anybody wants a stack of them to pass out, let me know. I usually just put them in orders when I ship stuff out.

I just copied tons of them at Arbor Press on 20th and P. That place is awesome.



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