Monday, July 12, 2010

New custom hoodie print! I have great timing...

I really can't ignore the irony of adding a new hoodie to my website when I've had 2 fans and one air conditioner blowing in my direction all day.

Whatever. New faux fur hoodie print: giraffe! Might sound random but I think its pretty fuckin cool-looking. Once its not 90 degrees (in November maybe?) I'll add brown tiger print and brown zebra print to my custom hoodie collection. Last year I bought 4 new fabric prints to expand the hoodie line, made one sample, sent it out for photos in December, and now I'm finally adding the FIRST new print to my website. I'm not sure if the 4th new print will ever be made, because in a fit of fabric-buying insanity I actually bought cow print fabric. Fucking cow print. Who the hell wants to look like a cow? Maybe I'll get a CAT-scan before I go fabric shopping again...

Faux fur hoodies are available in sizes XSmall to 3XLarge, $45. Custom lengths and sizes are also available, email me. I make a bazillion of these a year, most people love the fit and some people buy one in every color. (Seriously. I am a hoodie-making machine!)

I guess my cow-print fabric decision could have been worse, the faux fur fabric store also has purple camouflage and neon blue flame fur. Should I stretch the limits of tacky farther than you've ever seen, and buy their entire fabric library for my hoodies? I guess if this clothing line fails, I might as well go down in flames! Ahahahaha I'm shutting up now.

Photo credits:
Model credit: TwiGGy BladeZ

Photographer: David Eckert

Makeup: Trinity

Original photos have been cropped for my website. Originals can be seen on my flickr account:

I also got new pictures of two hoodies that are already up on my website, the red leopard and the black and white leopard.

Not my usual sweaty dirty TRU PUNX photo shoot style, but we all like variety, right? If anybody wants to model my stuff, add me on Model Mayhem:

Website store link:

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