Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Stuff! Tops, dresses, and a skirt

I've been super lazy about updating my website and adding all the new clothes I've been making. When the spring semester ended I took a 3 week break and barely got any website or sewing work done. I did re-organize my sewing room though!

These photos were taken at the photo shoot at my school in the beginning of May. The photographers didn't say anything about how to credit them so I don't have any contact info. Thanks to Aubrey for modeling. The last picture was taken at the goth photo shoot last month, thanks to Tim Engle and Lynne Ashcroft photography for that shoot.

Red Pleated gingham dress, medium, $50

Pink gingham halter top, medium, $35

Pink gingham skirt, small, $40

Striped kimono sleeve dress, medium, $45

Pink gingham tunic, large, $40

Plaid corset dress, medium, $45 (new picture, not new dress)

You can see more info at

Now I'm off to go post an ad on Craiglist for new roommates for this house. We need two people for July, super cheap rent in midtown Sacramento. Six bedroom old victorian punk house. Contact me if you want the privilege of being either my 17th or 18th roommate. We have high turnover here... (

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