Friday, June 25, 2010

FREE FABRIC REMNANTS at my yard sale tomorrow!

No, I haven't finally gone over the edge due to this shitty week-long SUMMER COLD, I just went through all my extra fabric yesterday and found a lot of stuff that I can just give away for free. (Though I might still be at risk for insanity, the cold has moved into my ears and I've been dealing with weird pressure/hearing loss crap for the past three days. POP, EARS, POP! AHHHHHH!)

If nobody wants the fabric its going in the garbage after the sale tomorrow. Its not garbage worthy fabric, its stuff that I could find a use for, but I just have so much of it that I'd rather not spend the entire summer figuring out ways to use it. I want to start fresh. Get rid of all the stuff that I've been saving for years.

So, I have about three boxes worth of free fabric remnants and three boxes worth of fabric I'm selling for 50 cents to a dollar.

Scroll down to the last blog post to see more details on the yard sale.

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