Monday, October 25, 2010

New dress! Well, kind of new

I just added the final fashion show dress to my website. From the fashion show I participated in 6 months ago. I'm slow.

Thanks to Aubrey for modeling, and Tina for the photographs! (credit:

We did this photoshoot several weeks ago, in the yard of a house in Carmichael. These pictures will be in the next American River Review, the magazine that my school puts out every year. I was in the last ARR too, except the outfit that the photographer was supposed to shoot was altered. Instead of wearing the corset and skirt that I made, the model was wearing the skirt as a dress, so it just looked like she was wearing a black sack with a zipper going down the side! A little disappointing, but whatever. This time will be better.

I've got new clothes and leggings piling up in my room, and will hopefully get pictures of them within the next 2 weeks. So I will be adding a lot of new stuff to my website in November. I haven't updated my website in the past two months because I've been busy with my internship.

Other news:
Big show at Casa de Chaos on Halloween! We haven't posted the full line-up online because we don't want the show to get too crowded. All I'm gonna say is, the band that is headlining is from Oakland. (Earth's capital...hint hint)

My birthday is two days after Halloween. Election day. Woo-hoo, 22! 21 was kind of lame, let's hope this year is better. Come get drunk with me that night. Or that weekend. Same shit as always.

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New photos:

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  1. very pretty and beautiful work Annie! The Dress is awesome as it is but I have the urge to mentally add D-rings to parts of it in my mind, lol!