Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Clothes for Sale/Meet My New "Employee"

I have a new employee working for me.

Her name is Paco. Here she is answering emails.


After she was done with emails, she helped me break down some boxes. (If anybody actually looks closely at this next picture: yes, my bedroom carpet is perpetually covered in scraps of black thread. I'm lucky enough to have linoleum in my sewing room, though! Because it used to be a kitchen. This house is weird.)


After helping with the boxes, Paco slept for 16 hours straight. I'm not sure if this is going to work out in the long run.

I posted these pictures just in case any of you forgot that I'm a crazy cat-lady. For people that have been reading my blog for a while, you may notice that Paco has lost some weight recently! A new fat cat moved into the house and Paco was too afraid to go near the food whenever fattie ding-dongs #2 was in the room.

Ok, back to reality. New stuff for sale! Two dresses from Too Fast clothing, a new handmade one-of-a-kind tank top, and animal print scarves are now available on my website. The Too Fast dresses were supposed to be listed a month ago, but they were stuck in customs so my delivery was delayed.

Click on the pictures to go to the item page on my website. Thanks to Laura for modeling. We took pictures in my basement again, but I changed things up by putting a backdrop on the wall. (By backdrop, I mean a striped sheet I found at Thrift Town, my favorite Sacramento thrift store)



Both Too Fast dresses are available in sizes small to xlarge. I was happy to find out that Too Fast has basically the same size chart that I use for my clothes. So for once I don't have to warn you to buy a size larger than usual! Both dresses are $65. One has a cool neon "Zombie Marilyn" print and the other has a B-Movie print. Close-up shots of these unique prints are shown on the item pages.

I also made a Teenagers from Outer Space t-shirt into a new tank top to go along with the movie theme. Thanks to Kepi Ghoulie for the vintage shirt!


The new animal print scarves are available in all the same prints as my hoodies: zebra, leopard, and cheetah and in several different colors. They are $16 and measure 5 inches by 75 inches, which I think is just long enough to be comfortable. I hate too-short scarves and I don't understand scarves that touch the damn floor when you wear them! I'll be adding more scarf options in the next few months.


Laura and I also took pictures of my new animal print hoodie design (this one has a full lining!) but I still have to make patterns for all the different sizes before I list it on my website. I also plan to write a blog post about the process of patterning and making the new hoodie for any of the sewing nerds that read my blog.

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