Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sacramento Stuff #2

Another Sacramento Stuff blog post! A lot of people say this town is a shit hole, but I love living here and I have a lot of respect for the people who have stuck around to make this a better place to live. It's great when the artists and musicians and people who get things done decide to stay here instead of giving up and moving to Socal or the Bay Area.

This is in no particular order and it's mostly just links to articles about friends of mine/people who are fucking awesome.

-There's a great interview with artist/musician Kepi Ghoulie over at RanSACked Media. He's constantly touring the US and Europe and I'm jealous of how many places he's seen!

-The punk rock artist Paul Imagine is selling stickers to raise funds for some valuable items that were recently stolen out of his van. Originally the entire van was stolen, but it was recovered after people shared the story on Facebook a bazillion times. Another RanSACked Media article tells the whole story and gives his contact info.

-The band Rat Damage is raising money to fund their upcoming LP. You can help them out by buying some records from FYBS Records on eBay. They are also playing a show in my basement on March 3rd. The full line-up hasn't been officially announced yet, but it's going to be fucking nuts. My only hope is that my house is still standing after that show. My roommates'/friends' new band Well Red is opening the show, which should be hilarious. (For anyone who may know who I'm talking about, it's Mikhala singing with Vince, Natalie, and Austin. They will probably be even drunker than usual for this show.)

2/20 Update: the show has been announced!


-So many other awesome shows are coming up... the full updated list is always shown on the Sacramento Punk Shows blog!

-The artist Skinner is selling a new book of his artwork. I met this dude when I was 16 while hanging out at one of my first Sellout Buyout (craft/trunk show) events. It was pretty cool to hear him compliment my crazy punk rock clothes.

-The Sizzling Sirens burlesque troupe was featured in the latest SubMerge Magazine. I've got a friend who dances with them and they organize some really fun events.

-Pro-skater/drummer for the Storytellers Matt Rodriguez was also featured in that issue of SubMerge, but I can't find the article! The Storytellers used to practice in my basement and I've always enjoyed listening to their music. For a while I didn't even know that their drummer is a famous skater. I wish I could find the link, dammit! All I remember is that it mentioned that he also runs a skate shoe line and that he's been in several new skate videos recently.

That's all for now... if any Sacto people have links I should add to this, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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