Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Shipping Deadlines, Black Friday Sale, Other Updates

New handmade order deadline: Dec. 14th (for delivery by Christmas)

Non-handmade items can be ordered until Dec. 20th for Christmas delivery

Holiday Shipping Deadlines: December 14th and 20th
If you plan to order any handmade items for Christmas gifts this year, I would recommend ordering them as soon as possible. I can barely keep up with my order volume right now and I’m afraid that it will only get crazier after Thanksgiving.

Tentative holiday ordering deadlines for USA orders:
Handmade items: order by Monday December 17th (for example hoodies and leggings)
Everything else: order by Thursday December 20th (every item that has a different brand name)

I may have to bump up the handmade order deadline depending on how busy I am in December. For international orders I recommend ordering now, or purchasing priority mail shipping. International priority mail takes 6-10 business days for delivery and may be held up in customs for longer.

Black Friday Sale: November 23rd-26th
I will add sales prices to a lot of items on Friday November 23rd until Monday November 26th. . Most of the items that are made by other brands (non-handmade) will be on sale. I will add some really low prices ($10 to $20) to items that have been in stock for a while.

Other Updates
Some people may have noticed that I raised prices on my hoodies again. I want my handmade clothes to be affordable but I am currently getting more orders that I can handle. I have time to sew everything but I rarely have any time to work on new designs. I now have to charge more for my handmade items so I can raise enough money to move my business out of my house. Once I get a new place to work I will have more space for faster equipment and I will be able to hire an employee to help me out. If I can manage to move my business without fucking anything up, I will have time to come out with new designs at a much faster pace. This means I can sell a larger variety of handmade items, including items under $50.

So I guess what I’m saying is: please don’t give up on my website if the prices are starting to look too high. There isn’t much variety on my website right now but I have a lot planned for the future!

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