Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Update: February 3rd, 2014

New items listed in the past week:

Lace-Up Black Stretch Lace Shorts: size XS to 3XL, $30

These are variations of the original Black Stretch Lace Shorts, $20, shown below:

They can be worn under mini dresses and skirts for a cute and comfortable look:

Restocked Items:

Other New Photos:

Custom giraffe hoodie with round ears (modeled on my iron, haha). I frequently post photos of custom orders on my Facebook page and Instagram account

You can get ears like this on your hoodie for an extra $10. Just send me an email ( before you order!

Other Notes:

I've been a lot more active on Pinterest lately. Follow my boards if you are interested in seeing the high-fashion design and photography that inspires me. I also pin every new Deranged Designs item and I have boards for Sewing Nerd/DIY and my favorite DIY designers.

Also, it finally rained in Sacramento! Of course we're still in a water emergency situation and the river is dry as hell but YAY RAIN

View from my porch:

Our beautiful river:
(actually it was nice and peaceful to lay down and drink beer in the unusually warm weather, this photo was taken before the rain)

And I almost forgot! My friend Avi from Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club sent me these awesome things in the mail last week. Silver Sprocket puts out lots of rad music, shirts, stickers, books, and other stuff so you should check them out! 

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