Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Update: March 19th, 2014

I guess it didn't take that long for my "weekly update" to not be weekly at all. I think I'm going to ask my assistant (my friend/website model Laura) come over to help me once a week since I'm still not able to keep up with everything I need to do. It doesn't seem like this business generates enough income for me to have an assistant, but I've barely had time to sew any new designs for the past six months so maybe I can think of an assistant as an investment for the future. I can't grow the business if I don't have time to make new products.

Speaking of new products, here are the five items I added to the website since the last update:

Thanks Ms. Angi for modeling this outfit!

Metallic Black Lace-Up Crop Top, size XS to XL, $46

Metallic Black Circle Skirt, size XS to 3XL, $40


Back view of three new crop tops:

I haven't had time to photograph all the new stuff on a live model but I plan to do that soon!

Here's a fun photo of that last outfit in my basement. I kept playing around with different lighting and backgrounds because the metallic fabric is difficult to photograph.

Restocked Items:

Vegan Bondage Belt, S to XL, $30

1" Metal D-Rings, 10 for $1.50

More sewing supplies and trims are coming soon!

Coming soon: black dresses made out of mesh and metallic fabrics, with metal eyelet and lacing details.

Other news: my website model Laura was in another awesome cosplay photoshoot last weekend. You can check out all the pictures here: 

Other photos:

Custom order for a white tiger men's slim-fit hoodie: the slim-fit option is not currently available on the website but it will be soon. The white tiger fabric is not something I regularly stock so it was custom ordered for an extra fee.

View from my cutting table last night: sometimes I would rather watch the sunset than get work done!

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