Monday, July 14, 2014

New Hoodie Prices

All animal print hoodie prices will raise by $10 to $20 on August 1st. I hate to raise prices but I can no longer keep up with sewing orders on my own and I will need to hire an assistant to help me out this fall. The current prices don't support that so I have to raise them. So if you have been planning on buying a hoodie, you should get it before this month is over to take advantage of the cheaper prices.

I am also working on some new hoodie designs that won't cost as much so that you still have more options.

List of new prices:

Basic men's and women's hoodies: $86
Men's black hoodie with animal print sleeves: $96
Women's corset hoodies: $96
Women's hoodie with faux fur hood band: $94
Custom hoodies: price starts at $100 (this may be negotiable if you just want a basic hoodie with small changes)

To remind people of the price change, I am using sale prices to show the lower price and the new regular price. 

Most of the other items in my shop are priced correctly so hopefully I won't have to do any other big price increases this year. The new hoodie prices should give me enough extra funds to continue expanding this business and offering more and more items. Thank you so much to everybody who supports independent businesses like this one!

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