Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deranged Designs Motherfucking Blog!

I've been meaning to start a blog outside of MySpace for a while. Its not looking too special right now, but I've got some plans for this!

People like to ask me how I've managed to accomplish so much with my clothing business. Like how six years ago I first found the motivation and self confidence to put my shitty 15-year old punk rock sewing creations online, for the world to see. Like how I actually figured out how to avoid a real job doing this.

Well, it doesn't happen overnight. Small steps. One thing leads to another, you gotta start somewhere.

And that explains this entirely pointless first blog post. Didn't know how to start, and didn't want to start with something totally random, you know? Gotta give some introduction.

Thanks for reading, expect much better (and possibly more sober) content in the future.

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