Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something silly

Dear bands that go on tour and crash at my house, here's some quick etiquette rules to follow for any future houses that you stay in...

(This post is for entertainment reasons only, I don't mind helping bands out but sometimes they do some funny and/or annoying things)

1. You cannot sleep in my bed, no matter how many back problems you claim to have.

2. If the bathroom door is shut, knock first. Especially if its the morning after the show and the shower just turned off. (Yes, I know you just want to see me naked. I don't care.)

3. Don't leave anything in the basement. I'm sick of fielding phone calls and searching the basement for everybody's stuff a week after the show.

4. If your name is Dick Lucas, feel free to smoke in my kitchen and throw your empty beer cans in my sink. If your name is not Dick Lucas, you better ask permission first!

5. Don't tag up my backyard. Your tags suck and I don't want to look at them for the next year.

6. Those little thank you notes that some of you leave are really cute and will make up for almost any strange thing you do in my house.

I'm sure I will be adding more to this list as time goes by. No offense was meant. So far there haven't been any bands that have truly pissed me off and almost everybody who has stayed here has been awesome. Here's to many more drunken basement shows and punk rock sleepovers!

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