Thursday, August 12, 2010

Four new items, and the most dangerous photo shoot yet?

Three or four years ago, Laura and I were wandering around downtown with my camera and ended up at a random river spot a little south of Old Sacramento. For our last photo shoot, she wanted to go to back to this spot to take pictures.

It has changed a bit, and there weren't too many good locations to shoot at. So...we ended up climbing on top of an old freight train.

Fuck yeah!

(How weird, I just changed some settings on my blog, and realized that in my last blog post I jokingly said my next idea for a shoot was on a freight train. Guess I didn't mean ON THE TOP of a train, but whatever)

I'm not too afraid of heights but it was pretty scary standing up there, looking through my camera lens, trying to get good shots and angles but also trying to stay aware of the edge of the train. Laura was up even higher than I was on a little platform. As always, thanks to Laura for putting up with my crazy ideas!

In case you've ever wondered what it would be like to enter Sacramento while standing on top of a freight train... (pics of new clothes are coming after this I promise haha)

Ok, no more talk of trains.

New stuff! 7 Seconds tank top, small, $24. Secretions tank top, small, $30. Matching skirt, small, $30. Plaid pirate lady shirt, large, $18. Other skirts that were worn in these outfits, plus the skirts from the last photoshoot, will be up on my website next week, available in sizes XS up to L or XL.


Back of 7 Seconds top

Secretions top and matching skirt

Plaid pirate lady top

Aren't trains awesome?

Anyways, I went back into the old photos saved to my computer to find the ones that we took at the same location a while ago.

Well, what do you know...

She's still climbin on shit!

Good to know that 3 and a half years later (and several dozen hair color changes) we are still doing the exact same silly things...

I miss that old sweatshirt! Dropped it in my school parking lot three years ago, never saw it again. It had complicated zipper pockets on the other side of the front and a big Monster Squad patch on the back. This is why I no longer spend lots of sewing time on my own sweatshirts. I end up losing them! Imagine if I had spent time customizing my leather jacket, I'd be even more disappointed when I left it at Old Tavern last year. I wonder who ends up finding all this shit? Somewhere in Sacramento, some asshole is collecting all my old clothes...

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