Monday, June 27, 2011

Last week to make an order until August!

On July 6th I will be flying to Europe and staying for three and a half weeks.

Deranged Designs is a one person business, so I will not be able to ship out any new orders while I am away.

If you want to order something before I leave, make your order by Monday July 4th. If you want to order a custom-sewn item (for example animal print hoodies or lace-up leggings) then please order a couple days before the 4th so I have time to sew your order.

You can still order from my website while I am away. I will do my best to answer emails and keep my website updated while I am gone, so that you won't accidentally order any out-of-stock items. I will be back on August 2nd and will ship any new orders ASAP, jet-lag be damned!

If anybody has some suggestions for things I should do while I am in Europe, feel free to comment on this post! I have read a lot about each city I am visiting and I will be doing a lot of the obvious tourist things, but I would love to hear more ideas. I will be spending 2-4 days each in London, Brussels/Bruges, Amsterdam/Utrecht, Nuremberg, Munich, Paris, Cinque Terre (Italian Riveria), and Rome.

I would especially like to hear from any of my European customers. I know you read my blog, because Blogger gives me some pretty detailed statistics! If you aren't sure what I would be interested in, just tell me about your favorite place to drink!

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