Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big Sale!

Big discounts on my website this month! I haven't had many local trunk shows or sales in the past year so I have a lot of older items on my website, and I would like to sell as much of it as possible before I leave for Europe next month.

I split the sale section in two parts: the up to 25% off section and the 50% off or more section. From now on I will try to add slow-selling items to the sale sections every month so that items don't end up on my website for too long.

I also have six eBay clearance auctions listed. Each item starts at $5 and bidding will end on Wednesday June 9th.

Lastly, I put four overstock hoodies up for sale for $35, which is $10 off the original price. Sizes and colors include: x-small white zebra, small purple leopard, small pink leopard, and large pink leopard.

If any local Sacramento people are reading this and would like to come over to buy some stuff, send me an email or text message. I have more stuff for sale that isn't listed on my website, including four more animal print hoodies that I'm willing to sell for only $20 each. I don't take pictures of everything that I make, so I always have extra stuff in stock that not many people have seen.

Here is a partial list of sale items. Clicking on the pictures or prices should bring you to the website item page.










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