Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Sunday...

This weekend I will be setting up a merch table at the Sunday show of the Secretion's 20-year anniversary festival.

I'll be selling patches ($1.50), plaid belts (only a couple left, $5), and some punk rock t-shirts and tank tops that I have altered and embellished. I'm still going through all the old band shirts that friends have given me. The band shirts I have right now are the Groovie Ghoulies, the Adicts, the Briefs, and of course, the Secretions. They will be $15 to $25 but I may give discounts if you are super broke!

My friend Amy will also be selling some of her handmade accessories. I'm not sure how much space we will have to set up our table, but hopefully we'll have enough room to have a decent selection of stuff. Click here to see her Etsy shop. She has a lot of cool stuff for sale, here are some of my favorites:

Danny Secretion recently did a pretty funny interview for the Sacramento News & Review, click here to see it!

I can't find the big version of the flyer (stupid facebook event pages!) and it probably doesn't matter, because anybody who cares about this show should know about it by now. But whatever, here's the facebook page for it:

And the tiny flyer:


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