Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New stuff, plus updates on OOAK clothing, Europe trip

I just added 3 new dresses to my website. They are all made by 5th Culture clothing and available in sizes small, medium, and large.

I'm also done with this semester of school, so this week I will start sewing some new one-of-a-kind outfits! I know I've already mentioned this in a previous post, but my plan is to make several polka-dot themed outfits for my friend Carli to model. She always wears polkadots and I promised to make some outfits for her to model a while ago.

I'm graduating from the fashion program at my school, so I will no longer be taking 4-5 classes per semester. I will finally have time to try to make something out of this little business, and soon I will post an update about my plans for the future. Over the next 6 weeks, I plan on sewing a lot and trying to get my life a bit more organized. Things get crazy when you try to balance school and work.

I'm taking a big vacation in July. I will be spending the month in Europe with a friend of mine. We are going to England, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. If any of my European customers are reading this, I would definitely appreciate any travel recommendations! I'm currently reading a couple of Rick Steve's travel guides and I've made an account at so that I can find some new people to hang out with and possibly stay with. My house has hosted many different travelers and bands over the years, so I hope that I can use my punk house karma to find some European locals to hang out with.

One far-fetched goal of mine for this trip is to run into somebody who has bought something from my website. I've sent hundreds of orders to Europe over the past 5 years and I would probably shit myself if I saw somebody in a foreign city wearing one of my hoodies, or anything else that I have made. I have heard stories of my friends recognizing my clothes in other U.S. cities, but I have yet to hear about people in other countries wearing them. I know the chances are small but I still remain hopeful! England and Italy get the 3rd and 4th most orders out of all the countries that I ship to, so I will keep my eyes out!

Another even more far-fetched goal of mine is to someday visit every country that I have shipped clothing to. So far I've got about 3 down and 30 to go. I know this idea is a bit ridiculous, but I'm not the type to give up on dreams! (Or anything, really. My insane levels of motivation are both a blessing and a curse.)

Ok, on to the new clothes.

Zebra dress, 3 sizes, $28
Striped maxi dress (comes with free cami), 3 sizes, $28
Striped suspender strap dress, 3 sizes (sizes run small!), $18

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