Friday, November 19, 2010

New skirts, waist-cinchers

Its 5:15 and its already dark outside. WTF! Because of this, I'm already in Friday-party-let's go to the bar or have a porch party mode even though its too early for that shit. I miss the summer, when I don't feel the need to stop working until 8:30! (And by "stop working", I mean "start drinking" of course)

Anyways, I just added three more things to my website, the three things that I was too lazy to add last week.

Leopard high-waisted pencil skirt: Size small, $28
Leopard d-ring circle skirt: small, $28
Lace-up Waist cincher: 5 sizes (waist size 25 to 32), $28, lacing available in hot pink, red, or black


Today I managed to finally get pictures of the new Tripp NYC leopard stretch jeans, but I don't feel like photo-retouching right now so those will be up next week! Along with, hopefully, a new and improved version of the black lace-up leggings that have been so popular.

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