Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back home!

I'm back home and back to work. My Europe trip was very fun (and very overwhelming) and I will post pictures once I catch up with all the work I need to do for my website. Thanks to everybody who was patient enough to order off my website while I was away! I almost feel like I had a paid vacation last month. But I'm sure I won't be feeling like that after I attempt to do three weeks of work in three days.

I should be caught up with custom orders by the middle of next week, so shipping times will be back to normal pretty soon.

 My brain is still on Europe time right now. I've been working since 5am this morning (after waking up at 3) and I feel like I'm balancing on the very edge of my sanity. I hope tomorrow is better, because I'll need to start sewing again!

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