Thursday, August 18, 2011

You want me to sew WHAT??

All I've been posting lately is updates on new stuff for sale, so I'll take a break from that for a bit.

I get a lot of sewing job requests from friends and family. I probably turn down 90 percent of them, because... well, I don't feel like giving the full explanation, so I'll just say it is because I'm an asshole and I have better things to do.

Last week, though, I agreed to sew a tent together for my neighbor's circus-themed party. For FREE! I'm such a generous, wonderful person! Ok, actually it was in exchange for free booze on the night of the party. They bought six different sized sheets from a thrift store and had me sew them all together into one giant tent.

Here is the result. This picture was taken from my sewing room window.

And here is the aftermath, five days later. Good to see that they don't clean up after their parties any more than my house does. We really don't have to do much, because the homeless people always grab all the empty cans and bottles the next day.

A few hours before the party, a friend of mine ran into a traveling band that was trying to find a show to play that night. So we said they could play the neighbor's party and crash at my house for the night. My memory is a little hazy about that night, but I think the band was called Grog. (That drink for free thing was probably a bad idea.)

The tent ended up looking pretty cool!

My friend/neighbor Brandon organized the party, here he is being silly in his ringleader costume. Thanks for all the vodka, Brandon!

What with the punk rock shows in my basement every month, and the neighbor's crazy costume parties, it is difficult for me to find any reason to leave 21st street!

In June, Brandon planned a Mad Max themed party, here's a picture taken right when people started showing up:


I'm the one with the black stripe over one eye and the poofy blue hair. They had a costume contest that night. The winner got... a jug full of water!

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