Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fashion show tomorrow!

Friday May 7th at 7pm: my school's annual fashion show!

I was in the show last year too, decided to take the collections class again just for fun. My collection theme this year is plaids and stripes. I'll be showing with 15ish other designers, we each have between 5 and 10 outfits.

Show is in the brand new black box theatre at American River College. College Oak Drive between winding way and auburn blvd. Closest parking lot is at the corner of College Oak and Myrtle.

The fashion promotions class got some nifty cardstock flyers printed out, but of course I can't find a copy of it online. And the flyers weren't handed out to the class till this Monday. Well, can't expect everything to be done right. Other than the minor issue of actually promoting the show, that class does a great job of putting together the set and keeping things as professional as possible. We add more seating room every year, but the show still ends up getting sold out. Yay!

Lots of pictures will be taken and posted ASAP after the show. Since I know you're all super lazy and don't want to spend your Friday night driving halfway to orangevale for a 45 minute show.

Oh, and its 7 bucks.

After the show I expect to have a few drinks on my porch then pass the fuck out so I can wake up early saturday morning to finish homework. Yes, only one more weekend of working, then I'll have my life back.

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