Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today sucked. Until now.

Got home from class this morning and right away heard from roommate Reggie that the landlord had stopped by to let us know that he had gotten a fine from the city because we put our old porch couch in the alleyway, and he was planning on passing along the fine to us.

Good thing we've got 2 roommates with no jobs, and 2 roommates about to move out. Yay, me and Reggie will totally have this fine covered. Even though for once we had nothing to do with said furniture in said alleyway.

To add insult to injury, I'm sure that my parking ticket (for parking in front of my own house for longer than 2 hours between 8am and 6pm) is due soon, and I can't find the damn thing to pay it. My own fault for failing to renew my permit in time. Ok, it was expired for 6 months and I didn't realize it until a friend of mine somehow noticed.

But whatever, this is fucking hilarious and it made my day:


From regretsy.com

Saw it in a facebook post from Amy- she makes cool shit:

I think my favorite part of that picture would have to be the horn of gonder. Coming in a tie for 2nd would be the golden snitch and the taint. Look at the link first, you pervert. The clean version of this is pretty funny too.

They need to make an industrial sewing machine version of that. Until then, I am printing this shit out and putting it up in my sewing room, because whenever I look at it I am overcome with the giggles.

Now I'm off to hand sew (again) my patch pockets to my tailored jacket cuz my teacher said she'd mark me down for my sloppy first layer of hand sewing. Good thing I sliced my finger open this morning with a scary knife and it hurts to sew. ARGHHHHHHHHH. This type of stuff seems to happen more frequently then necessary.

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